Coporations or people.

Coporations are required, by law, to serve the interests of it’s owners above everyone anyone else.  ANYONE ELSE.  That’s just fucked up.


Why the “NWO” wants to end the Fed.

The Federal Reserve isn”t capable of printing world notes.  The World Bank can though.  So the logical solution is to replace the Fed Res with the International Monetary Fund.  For those that don’t know What the IMF is, it was started to stabilize international exchange rates and help reconstruct the world payment system.  Countries contributed money to a mutual pool of which other countries could borrow money.  The current managing director of the IMF is Christine Legarde of France.  She also happens to be the head of the World Bank.  The US happens to be the IMF’s largest share holder and they use this fact to push its economic model on other countries.  I’m sure you can see that in current events.  The IMF also helps to keep certain countries weak and in check while others stay on top.  They would never tell you this but its how a system like this works.  Certain countries put money into the fund while others borrow this money.  The borrowing countries stay indebted, kinda like you and the loan for your house or car.  Now back to the World Bank.  It’s pretty self explanatory.  It’s a bank…  for the world.  If you cant wrap your brain around that then kill yourself in a hard and painful way.

Switching to a gold standard won’t help you either.  i don”t have any gold.  I’m going to bet my balls you don’t have any either.  If you do it probably doesnt amount to a whole hell of a lot.  The Fed Res has us all using “fake” money, basically you don’t have shit. Currency is all a system of credits and doles. So, your money is fake and so is all the money that the “NWO” has. If we replace our credits with the equivalent in gold then we are still in the same boat. We dont have shit and they have all of it.
Feast your shit eyes on that.
Still think the guys pushing for ending the Fed are the good guys?

Ron Paul. The other puppet.

Does the Paul craze remind anyone of the Obama craze of last election or is it just me? Seems like everyone is stroking a big fat hard on for this guy. What none realizes is “they” want you too. Everyone roots for a pariah. Been doing some searching because i can smell a kiddie humper from a mile away. Here it is.
On April 30, 1994, President Clinton signed the Foreign Assistance Authorization Act, which established the Broadcasting Board of Governors to oversee all non-military U.S. foreign broadcasting services, including Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty (RFE/RL). The bill transferred control of RFE/RL to private hands and are now private, international communications services to Eastern and Southeastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Southwest Asia. Both stations were set up in the post-World War II years as private corporations that received funding primarily from the CIA and private donations. RFE/RL are still funded by Congress but in effect operated by Soros Open Society Institute (OSI), first, until 1997, through the Open Media Research Institute (OMRI) based in Prague and then, quasi-independently through an interlocking network involving OSI, the neocon Freedom House, the Eurasia Foundation, the National Endowment for Dmocracy, the Orwellian-named U.S. Institute of Peace, and the CIA-connected U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

These organizations and agencies use an array of NGOs working in tandem with RFE/RL to direct propaganda against the Russian government.

RFE/RL was placed into the hands of Soros courtesy of the lobbying for passage of the Foreign Assistance Authorization Act by a K Street group called the Central and Eastern European Coalition (CEEC). Not surprisingly, the CEEC, comprised of 19 anti-Russian Central and Eastern European national organizations, such as the Georgian Association, the Estonian American National Council and the American Hungarian Foundation, is funded by Soros and formed with the help of Obama adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski. Other key CEEC supporters are Obamas other top foreign policy adviser, Anthony Lake, former National Security Adviser to Bill Clinton; Albright; and Brzezinskis son Mark.

It is clear that Soros network is now turning up the heat on Russia. On October 27, a Soros-funded Belarussian front called Malady Front or Young Front, registered in Prague as a Belarussian opposition youth party and with close links to Soros-funded Orange Revolution organizations in Ukraine, called on the United States and European Union to answer Russias recognition of South Ossetias and Abkhazias independence by immediately recognizing the independence of the Russian Federations autonomous republics of Chechnya, Dagestan, and Ingushetia.

On October 1, 1999, the Broadcasting Board of Governors became the independent agency responsible for all U.S. government and government sponsored, non-military international broadcasting.

The bi-partisan board consists of eight members nominated by the President of the United States and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. The ninth member ex officio is the Secretary of State.

I’m getting to Paul, dont blow your trendy little load yet

Statement by Thomas A. Dine, BBG member, Assistant Administrator Bureau of Europe and the New Independent States United States Agency for International Development House Committee on Appropriations Subcommittee on Foreign Operations April 9, 1997

Internews, an organization funded by USAID through the Soros Foundation, promotes independence and diversity of the broadcasting media in Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Internews has been a prominent voice in promoting democracy through the establishment of independent television stations. It is helping to establish independent television stations by providing equipment, technical, and business training. Numerous independent stations have benefited from workshops and instructional materials. The impact of the work of Internews is greater access by the public to an increasingly strengthened and diversified broadcast media.

So we have a member of BBG who is asking congress for broadcasting rights and funding to do so and cites Soros as a financier and overseer with an emphasis in the Soviet Bloc.

The U.S. and Russia need to engage each other on global issues that require international collaboration. During Russia’s recent economic growth, it has increasingly invested in improving the well-being of its citizens and greatly increased its contribution to global welfare. The USAID program in Russia plays an important role in support of these efforts by cooperating with both governmental, non-governmental (NGO), and corporate partners to promote a healthy, inclusive, and well-governed society.

Since 1992, USAID has devoted more than $2.6 billion to Russia’s development. Today, USAID supports projects in the areas of health, civil society, rule of law, local governance, and conflict mitigation. USAID is also building alliances with Russian government agencies and the corporate sector to mobilize new resources and expand the reach and impact of successful development model.

However, this aid suddenly stops in 2008 and resources are diverted to more direct propaganda approach with the introduction of wikileaks onto the global stage as the plan expands globally instead of just in the Soviet Bloc.

Soros creates Open Society in 1995, 1 year after Clinton signs the Foreign Assistance Authorization Act. And is called upon by the BBG to fund propaganda TV in the Soviet Bloc in 1997. However, there is an infected hair on this fat pussy.

Boris Yeltsin. President of Russia at the time opposes the proposed bill in the Russian Parliament along with Russian Prime Minister Gaidar.

President Yeltsin has vetoed the proposed federal law on the privatization of state television and radio broadcasting organizations, the law that would have blocked the conversion of Ostankino to ORT. This was reported by Russian Public TV [RPT] on June 9.

Both Yeltsin and Gaidar are poisoned and Putin takes over Russia who is more sympathetic to the US Propaganda TV Stations and legislation for the Media Projects get passed in the RussianWith Yeltsin and Gaidar out of the way, Russia is a prime target for the BBG and Soros.

Hearing Dine’s request and from the US Gov, Soros donates $500M to Russia as humanitarian aid in 1997.
With the fall of the Soviet Empire, thousands of Russian Soldiers are now out of work. Soros creates the UEP which is a program designed specifically for ex-Russian soldiers and KGB to get a grant to travel to the US to learn how to disseminate propaganda in a 1 yr crash study program. Requirements of this program state that the recipient must return to the host country and set up shop with the training they received. In other words, now they work for Soros.
Soros UEP (Undergraduate Exchange Program) trains many in the former Soviet Union which later comes back to take over RIA Novosti Company formerly a version of Russian State Broadcast TV. They in turn turn it into a Non-Profit Organization and re-name it to ANO-TV Novosti.

Keep your verbal diarrhealocked tight behind your dick skinners. I’m covering basics before I get to Paul.

ANO-TV Novosti owns RT TV (Russia Today) Broadcasting TV. Run by former Soviet Spies and Soldiers and funded through the USAID Program (CIA) and none other than George Soros. And Soros’ UEP program trained them how to do it.

Owned by ANO TV-Novosti: The network, which cost about $30 million in 2005 to set up and $60 million for its first year of operation,[2] started broadcasting on Dec. 10, 2005 with nearly 100 English-speaking journalists reporting for it worldwide. RT broadcasts from its headquarters in Moscow and its studio in Washington, DC.

RT was launched as Russia Today by an autonomous non-profit organization in 2005. However, much of the funding to this organization, ANO TV-Novosti, is injected from the Russian Federal Budget and those Russian Rubles came directly from USAID and George Soros.

Just do a search on youtube for Ron Paul and Russia Today and you will come up with over 200 video segments relating to Ron Paul. RT covers Ron Paul more than American MSM does. Now why is that? Ron Paul and Soros have common interests in seeing the end of the Fed. So his news segments are being pushed through RT. RT covers Ron Paul more than any other politician on the face of the planet. So you have to ask yourself why? The reason is that Ron Paul is a Soros Sleeper candidate. Right now I’m sure you’re cursing me with the vigor of a rabib silverback and I don’t blame you. Tv has trained you to act that way. You say “you”re wrong dick, Paul is the savior of America!!” I say, Paul is a mason. Ron Paul’s Campaign Manager Penny Langford Freeman claims that she schedules a couple times a month where Paul attends a lodge in Texas.
Ron Paul’s father was a Freemason and Dr. Paul has said himself many times that he respects the organization and has been to many of the open meetings in his district.
His wife, Carol is a member of the Velasco Order of the Eastern Star and maintains her membership in the Freeport area lodge.
Their daughters, Lori and Joy, were both Rainbow girls, another organization associated with Freemasonry.
We have video footage of Ron Paul using the Masonic Handshake.

How do I know Ron Paul and George Soros hold hands and skip through fields of pretty flowers?
Aside from their think tank to dismantle the US military, leaving us defenseless(google it bitches) and their mutual goal of ending the Federal Reserve (more on why this could be bad even though I do think it should be eradicated) there is this. In many ways, Soros operation is strikingly similar to the FBIs former Counter-Intelligence Program, also known as COINTELPRO. There is also ample evidence that Soros program is linked to Israeli intelligence operations in the United States and that some presidential campaigns in 2008 were infiltrated by the joint operation, including those of Democratic candidate and former Senator Mike Gravel, and Republican candidate Ron Paul.
Open Society Institute, and Soros Fund Management LLC, in which his son, Jonathan Soros, plays a leading role. So we have these dog fuckers on the inside of Ron Paul’s campaign and we have RT giving Ron Paul multiple segments of free air time on a national TV broadcasting network.
Hell, Obama can be found on certain paths in all this if you look through it all.
Check this out and if you’re half intelligent you can make significant links.

BBG runs Radio Free Europe and Radio Free Asia. Soros has been linked to both organizations.

Basically, if you are voting for someone, yyou”re actually voting for the same guy. The gguy who is currently the public face of the guys fucking you with razor wire wrapped vinegar enemas.

So you think that ending the Fed Res is a great idea? Me too.

So does George Soros.  If you know who he is then you know he’s one of the NWO elite, stroking his cock at the thought of USA’s economic collapse.  If you dont know him google that shit.  The kiddie humper was quoted as saying “the international monetary system cannot survive in its present form and needs to be re-vamped so American leadership can be re-established in a more acceptable form”.  What the crusher of national banks means by “acceptable” is not for the common good of the citizenship.  The kind of plan that leaves two classes; the shit stinking poor and the clit rubbing rich.  Owner and slave.  pretty much they’ve got us by our fat little balls and they ain’t letting go.  Soros destroyed Englands economy and made cash that would make Jay Z drop Beyonce like she was Courtney Love.  Now he has plans for the states.  Just wait for it, you’re all so tired of the Federal Reserve raping us with studded dildoes you’ll welcome the plan and realize far too late that it was just the second installment of the scheme to enslave you.  The current system is shit but gold is a WORLD CURRENCY already.  Changing to it will only hurry the transition to NWO.  Btw, Ron Paul is one of them.  More on that next time.

Everything is right in front of you…

And you still don’t see it.  Conspiracy.  Corruption.  Brainwashing.  Propaganda.  It all happens all day every day.  People tell me I’m delusional, narcissistic, rude, self-righteous, antisocial.  They’re probably right but you can’t see the world when you’re playing in the toy box that it designed.  The lid tucks tightly against the sides, blocking out the light.  The only thing you can see through the darkness is what it wants to show you.  Propaganda spills out of that bright TV screen and from pop magazines like diarrhea squirts out a porn stars ass after shes taken a nice thick one from some guido with a faux hawk and a tribal tattoo.  You eat it up.  Hell, most of you wouldn’t mind taking the cock either.if they told you it was “hot” now.  That is how Paris Hilton got famous isnt it?

I’m going to have to pass on the skin syringe.  I’d rather be the narcissistic, sociopathic wayward toy.  Pulling my own string telling you things that you don’t want to hear so you’ll forget it in a couple minutes.  Who am I kidding?  Even if you agree, you’ll discard the information after a quick “That’s fucked up!  Someone should do something about these bastards!”  You’ll forget it because it’s easier to be the sheep and keep eating the disease they feed you instead hunting down your own manna.

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault.  They trained you to do that.  Quiet the rebellious voices. The ones that tell you that you can have something better. You have everything you need right here, in the dark toy box.

Hello world!

I’m tired of media.  I’m tired of Barack Obama.  I’m tired of Newt Gingrich.  I’m tired of Ron Paul.  I’m tired of the media, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga.  I’m really tired of that skeezer Snooki.  Hell, I’m tired of New Jersey.  I’m tired of Finding Bigfoot and Ancient Aliens.  I’m tired of drunk cunts trying to blow me for a drink.  Trust me, I’ll take the blowie and you wont get anything to wash my cream crickets from your tongue.  I’m tired of all the noise.  Every time I turn around I hear some baby loving fuck screaming “Obama pays my welfare check”, or the rumble and screech of an 18 wheeler, no doubt delivering a bunch of crap to make you fatter and lazier, tumbling past my home.  I’m tired of listening to you bitch about your boss asking you to actually work at work.  I’m tired of facebook, twitter and myspace.  thankfully one of those is practically dead.  I’m tired of junkies and tweakers.  I’m tired of you.  I’m tired of me.  I hate these people.