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So you think that ending the Fed Res is a great idea? Me too.

So does George Soros.  If you know who he is then you know he’s one of the NWO elite, stroking his cock at the thought of USA’s economic collapse.  If you dont know him google that shit.  The kiddie humper was quoted as saying “the international monetary system cannot survive in its present form and needs to be re-vamped so American leadership can be re-established in a more acceptable form”.  What the crusher of national banks means by “acceptable” is not for the common good of the citizenship.  The kind of plan that leaves two classes; the shit stinking poor and the clit rubbing rich.  Owner and slave.  pretty much they’ve got us by our fat little balls and they ain’t letting go.  Soros destroyed Englands economy and made cash that would make Jay Z drop Beyonce like she was Courtney Love.  Now he has plans for the states.  Just wait for it, you’re all so tired of the Federal Reserve raping us with studded dildoes you’ll welcome the plan and realize far too late that it was just the second installment of the scheme to enslave you.  The current system is shit but gold is a WORLD CURRENCY already.  Changing to it will only hurry the transition to NWO.  Btw, Ron Paul is one of them.  More on that next time.


Everything is right in front of you…

And you still don’t see it.  Conspiracy.  Corruption.  Brainwashing.  Propaganda.  It all happens all day every day.  People tell me I’m delusional, narcissistic, rude, self-righteous, antisocial.  They’re probably right but you can’t see the world when you’re playing in the toy box that it designed.  The lid tucks tightly against the sides, blocking out the light.  The only thing you can see through the darkness is what it wants to show you.  Propaganda spills out of that bright TV screen and from pop magazines like diarrhea squirts out a porn stars ass after shes taken a nice thick one from some guido with a faux hawk and a tribal tattoo.  You eat it up.  Hell, most of you wouldn’t mind taking the cock either.if they told you it was “hot” now.  That is how Paris Hilton got famous isnt it?

I’m going to have to pass on the skin syringe.  I’d rather be the narcissistic, sociopathic wayward toy.  Pulling my own string telling you things that you don’t want to hear so you’ll forget it in a couple minutes.  Who am I kidding?  Even if you agree, you’ll discard the information after a quick “That’s fucked up!  Someone should do something about these bastards!”  You’ll forget it because it’s easier to be the sheep and keep eating the disease they feed you instead hunting down your own manna.

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault.  They trained you to do that.  Quiet the rebellious voices. The ones that tell you that you can have something better. You have everything you need right here, in the dark toy box.

Hello world!

I’m tired of media.  I’m tired of Barack Obama.  I’m tired of Newt Gingrich.  I’m tired of Ron Paul.  I’m tired of the media, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga.  I’m really tired of that skeezer Snooki.  Hell, I’m tired of New Jersey.  I’m tired of Finding Bigfoot and Ancient Aliens.  I’m tired of drunk cunts trying to blow me for a drink.  Trust me, I’ll take the blowie and you wont get anything to wash my cream crickets from your tongue.  I’m tired of all the noise.  Every time I turn around I hear some baby loving fuck screaming “Obama pays my welfare check”, or the rumble and screech of an 18 wheeler, no doubt delivering a bunch of crap to make you fatter and lazier, tumbling past my home.  I’m tired of listening to you bitch about your boss asking you to actually work at work.  I’m tired of facebook, twitter and myspace.  thankfully one of those is practically dead.  I’m tired of junkies and tweakers.  I’m tired of you.  I’m tired of me.  I hate these people.