Why the “NWO” wants to end the Fed.

The Federal Reserve isn”t capable of printing world notes.  The World Bank can though.  So the logical solution is to replace the Fed Res with the International Monetary Fund.  For those that don’t know What the IMF is, it was started to stabilize international exchange rates and help reconstruct the world payment system.  Countries contributed money to a mutual pool of which other countries could borrow money.  The current managing director of the IMF is Christine Legarde of France.  She also happens to be the head of the World Bank.  The US happens to be the IMF’s largest share holder and they use this fact to push its economic model on other countries.  I’m sure you can see that in current events.  The IMF also helps to keep certain countries weak and in check while others stay on top.  They would never tell you this but its how a system like this works.  Certain countries put money into the fund while others borrow this money.  The borrowing countries stay indebted, kinda like you and the loan for your house or car.  Now back to the World Bank.  It’s pretty self explanatory.  It’s a bank…  for the world.  If you cant wrap your brain around that then kill yourself in a hard and painful way.

Switching to a gold standard won’t help you either.  i don”t have any gold.  I’m going to bet my balls you don’t have any either.  If you do it probably doesnt amount to a whole hell of a lot.  The Fed Res has us all using “fake” money, basically you don’t have shit. Currency is all a system of credits and doles. So, your money is fake and so is all the money that the “NWO” has. If we replace our credits with the equivalent in gold then we are still in the same boat. We dont have shit and they have all of it.
Feast your shit eyes on that.
Still think the guys pushing for ending the Fed are the good guys?

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